Monday, 16 March 2015

Reaching Toward the Sun

And really, isn't that what we're all doing at this time of the year?
Some of my seeds have germinated! The mustard leaf mix is really taking off, with nearly every planted seed germinating. This means I have way too many seedlings in the container, so in another week or two I will attempt the delicate procedure of transplanting them. (I could just thin and discard, but I always feel so much empathy for these little plants that so clearly want to live! Plus, more seedlings means more lettuce, and we eat a LOT of lettuce 'round these parts.) My other lettuces and leafy greens are coming along too, albeit a bit more slowly. The "bigger" plants have yet to emerge, but that's okay - it's early days for their likes. I can be patient for a few more weeks. It's still far too cold to plant out yet, anyway.

Developments of note:
Mustard leaf mix - pak choi, mizuna, tatsoi, mustards and cress: Germinated 13 March 2015 (5 days after planting)
Lettuce mix - red salad bowl, green salad bowl, lollo bionda, lolla rossa:  Germinated 14 March 2015 (6 days after planting)
Peas: Germinated 15 March 2015 (6 days after planting)
Spinach - bordeaux: Germinated 15 March 2015 (7 days after planting)

Still waiting on:
Spinach - matador
Serrano peppers
Jalapeno peppers

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