Monday, 2 March 2015

Just kidding...

I hereby retract my previous blog post. Oh, we have daffodils, alright. That part is true. But any joyous cackling across-the-pond proclamations of an early Spring are hereby withdrawn. Those daffodils are now heartily coated in an thin, icy, layer of snow.

THIS is what we woke up to this morning:

So let's put thoughts of sunshine and budding trees on hold just a little longer, shall we? Sadly, this is also a good reminder to put off my seed-starting dreams for a few more weeks. Although, just because it's March and just because I can, I'm still tempted to start off a few hardy varieties of lettuce, herbs, and maybe some pea shoots on the indoor window ledges and see how they do. (They'll live indoors their whole lives anyway, so their suitability for planting is more a function of daylight hours than outdoor temps.) It would sure be great to be back to eating my own home-grown leafy greens rather than the sad, expensive bags of lettuce on offer at the supermarket! Maybe I'll get started on that project in a couple days, when it's warm enough to go outside and gather my bag of compost and other gardening implements. As for now, me thinks it's a good day to stay huddled up indoors by the fire.

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